SocietalSystem ( StS )

Humanity's New Operating Complex
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Panergetic Index Platform

 Panergetic Index to replace GDP as economy quality indicator,
the central radical transition feature in economy, finance, governance and social relations, all together.
Note: the UN SDG 2030 still consider the GDP as quality indicator, by which all its, necessary, objectives are only very superficially applicable. 
StS-Dossiers soon online.
Thousands of societal research and innovation entities and millions of dito people

should proactively take part in this massive historic endeavour.

StS-DataBank - StS-Societal Program - StS-Holding Socio-economy
StS-Foundation and StS-Fund
Personal and Professional Own-Domains Connection Platform
World SocietalSystem Organization
Local-Global Societal, Deliberative and Citizens' steered Co-Governance Platform,
gradually replacing party politics and  radically e-rationalizing  public administrations
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StS-Site UN SDG Sustainable Development Goals 2030 - StS-Site Climate Change
Extensive material for follow-up, research, governments, business and school applications of the given programs.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Global Thinktank

Date: 30.03.2020
SocietalSystem ( StS )